Saturday, November 2, 2013

Batman Vs Superman: Thor's Jaimie Alexander reportedly in talks for role

Looks like actress Jaimie Alexander is on a roll... And beyond her appearances as Lady Sif in Marvel Studios' Thor movies, she may be a candidate to appear in the next DC Cinematic Universe movie!

In addition to talking with Forbes that there'll be another Thor movie in the works, Alexander confirmed that she is "having discussions" with both Marvel and Warner Bros/ DC, meaning that she may very well be cast to appear in the upcoming "Batman Vs Superman" movie in 2015. Given that she's played Lady Sif in Thor, it's a no brainer that people are leaning towards Jaimie's candidacy and potential to play Wonder Woman in the sequel to Man Of Steel, but it's pure speculation and rumor feed at this point. Her role could be  anything else, maybe even fitting the mold of Bruce Wayne's love interest... or perhaps a certain feline cat burglar...

For more on the interview as well as Jaimie's comments, visit the source post at Superherohype.

Catch Jaimie Alexander in Thor: The Dark World, now showing internationally and coming to theaters in the US on November 8th.

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