Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Batman: Arkham: Mysterious "Teaser" Announcement to come at New Year's Eve

Before anything else - MERRY CHRISTMAS, ONE AND ALL!

It's the most wonderful time of the year alright... And apparently, WB Games and DC Entertainment are presenting a "gift" of sorts to celebrate the occasion for fans of the Batman: Arkham franchise... As a "Special Announcement" has been teased and dated for December 31, 2013!

What this means could be anyone's guess... But by the time New Year's Eve arrives, are we looking at the prospect of a BRAND NEW Batman Arkham game for current and/ or Next-generation video game platforms, or just a DLC add-on for the current and recently released prequel installment of the series, Batman: Arkham Origins?

Only time can tell for sure, and the official Batman Arkham Facebook page has promised that more details will come next week prior to December 31st!

I do hope it's a new game... And while Batman: Arkham Origins did ok, I'd like to see Kevin Conroy actually return as The Bat soon! There's your Merry Christmas with The Joker moment right there!

Christmas with the Joker - Jingle Bells

Stay tuned... Same Bat-Time... Same Bat-Channel!

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