Saturday, December 14, 2013

Forever Evil: Bane Rules Gotham as Bat-Bane... And a SPOILER Deja Vu moment

It looks like things in The DC New 52 Universe are echoing some old moments in DC Comics history, as the latest issue of Forever Evil: Arkham War brought along not only the debut appearance of "Bat-Bane", but repeats a moment where the man who broke Batman's back became notorious for.

SPOILERS after the jump... So read at your own risk.

So Bane dons the Cape and Cowl in Arkham War, and wages a personal war to reclaim the Gotham City from its villains.

Now, this image from DC Comics featuring Bane THROWING a defeated Killer Croc off a building shows he means business...

That happened in Forever Evil: Arkham War #3... But this isn't the first time he's thrown someone off high atop a balcony. No, he's done it before, and during the events prior to the creation of The New 52 to boot!

Here's a comparison with the events of the 1990's big Batman storyline "Knightfall", where Bane THROWS a broken and defeated Batman off a building in Gotham in Detective Comics #664 Vol. 1.

So a sense of Deja Vu has occured in Forever Evil: Arkham War... or a twisted sense of irony in which the man who Broke the Bat BECOMES THE BAT... And does the same thing to criminals who get in his way. We'll just have to wait and see how longs the tenure of Bane as the new Dark Knight lasts... And if he eventually encounters Bruce Wayne ala Azrael Bats vs real Batman.

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