Friday, August 15, 2014

Batman: Greg Capullo teases Batman: Endgame with a pencilled image

Batman with a gun. Harper Row as Bluebird. And... A masked vigilante that could be the new Nightwing?

These are some of the speculations to come straight out of a pencilled image that artist Greg Capullo tweeted from his official Twitter page, which was featured in Newsarama and is obviously a tease for his and writer Scott Snyder's next big epic Batman story for The New 52 - Batman: Endgame. That begins with issue #35 next month, and as Snyder teased in a video with DC All Access.

Seeing Batman using a firearm may be a big surprise to most since he has the "No Kill" rule, but it certainly is not unheard of. In the early days of Bill Finger and Bob Kane's run with the Caped Crusader, he used guns. Also, it could be a modified stun weapon similar to what an aged Bats used against Superman in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Seeing Harper Row in action with Batman is not a surprise since this storyline is supposed to take place after the events of Batman: Eternal... But the new kid to the left of The Caped Crusader is a mystery that needs solving. Could it be Dick Grayson back in a costumed identity, or is it Harper's brother joining the fight?

We'll find out soon enough when Batman #35 begins "Endgame".

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