Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Flash: New TV Show Poster released by The CW

Come this October, you will literally see a hero born... In a Flash!

Via the official Facebook page of the show, The CW has released a brand new TV Poster for their upcoming new spin-off DC superhero show - The Flash!

The Flash - Extended Trailer

Straight from the events of the second season of the popular Green Arrow based TV Series "Arrow", Glee actor Grant Gustin is Barry Allen - a police forensic scientist who is struck by lightning during the onset of a Particle Accelerator accident in his hometown of Central City. After laying in a coma for nine months, Allen wakes up and discovers that he has extraordinary powers of speed. However, the incident has also triggered a MetaHuman phenomenon in the city, causing other individuals to gain powers with majority using them for their own criminal activities. Resolving to become a hero to protect the innocent, Barry gains the help of some friends and suits up as his new alter ego, The Flash.

As the poster shows, Barry zigzags past his city in true Flash fashion... And a few nods to the DC Universe lie in it, as a Queen Consolidated building can be seen in the background!

The Flash premieres in The CW starting October 7!

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