Friday, August 22, 2014

Telltale Games releases The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Trailer - "My Clementine" *SPOILERS*

If you haven't played Telltale Games video game adaptation of Robert Kirkman's popular zombie comic book series that is "The Walking Dead", you are truly missing out on an experience that is every bit as intense and emotional as an emotional survival horror journey can be.

As they prepare to release the final chapter to their second season of the series with "No Going Back" on the last week of August, the developer has put together this heartbreaking trailer that chronicles the entire journey of the protagonist herself... Clementine. From her innocent beginnings and meeting Lee Everett to becoming a hardened survivor and main character in Season 2, this trailer has deep SPOILERS that highlight everything the girl has experienced... Which will all come to a head with the final episode's release, and it's aptly subtitled "My Clementine", as the player literally decides how her fate will be based on their sum total of choices.

Here it is, and be warned of SPOILERS again.
The Walking Dead: Season Two Finale - Episode 5 - 'No Going Back' Trailer [My Clementine]

The Walking Dead: Season 2 "No Going Back" comes to PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, and iOS devices starting August 26.

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