Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DC Comics: Gotham By Midnight ongoing series announced

Gotham City may be protected by The Batman from the criminals and supervillains, but there is more afloat beyond the normal that The Dark Knight can only take so much of, and that's why Jim Corrigan is here to take over matters of the Supernatural.

As announced by DC Comics on Blastr and featured by Newsarama, a new ongoing Batman-related series for The New 52 is beginning this November, and it's called "Gotham By Midnight". Spinning off the currently ongoing events of Batman Eternal, Gotham PD's own Jim Corrigan and his alter ego The Spectre will team up with a bunch of other spirit-hunting beings to take on THE "Gotham Underworld", which manifests itself beyond the shadows of the city's gaze. The series will be written Ray Fawkes (who's one of the main writers for Eternal), and will be joined by 30 Days of Night artist extraordinaire Ben Templesmith.

So much like Constantine and Justice League Dark, another supernatural DC Comics title will rise. Gotham By Midnight begins its ongoing run on November 26, 2014.

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