Thursday, August 7, 2014

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Now opening on March 25, 2016; DC Films mystery schedule mapped out as well

Looks like fans worried about the release date clash between a DC Comics film and Marvel movie can breath a sigh of relief, as good news comes in the form of a new release date for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

As reported by Coming, the sequel to the Man of Steel has now moved from a May 6, 2016 date to March 25, 2016, effectively putting in ahead of all contenders in that year. Now Henry Cavill's Superman can meet/ square-off with Ben Affleck's Batman and also come face-to-face with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman without contending with Marvel Studios' own Star-Spangled Patriot's third outing, which is also set for a May 6 release that year.

Also announced in the source post is a schedule Warner Bros. has mapped out for DC Films, which run all the way to the year 2020. While no titles have been given or associated with the dates:

August 5, 2016 

June 23, 2017 

November 11, 2017 

March 23, 2018 

July 27, 2018 

April 5, 2019 

June 14, 2019 

April 3, 2020 

and June 19, 2020 

 They've also scheduled "event" films (i.e., not necessarily DC Comics related) for: 

November 16, 2018 

and November 20, 2020.

That's pretty much the DC Cinematic Universe laid out right there, and one has to wonder where Shazam and Justice League fit in to this schedule. Only time and updates will tell as they come along from WB and DC Entertainment.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now has a release date of March 25, 2016!

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