Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DC Comics reveals December 2014 Darwyn Cooke variant cover theme

Looks like DC Comics is going for another variant theme month come December, and this time all the focus will be on the art style and pencils of one of the most talented artists of recent comic history - Darwyn Cooke!

Yes, the man who drew the classic DC: The New Frontier and has great runs in The Spirit and Catwoman is bringing his art skills for December's line of variant covers for books in The New 52, which you can read the list of in Comic Vine. The cover to Justice League #37 is shown above, and Cooke recently did a variant for this month's issue #33 of the comic to honor Batman's 75th Anniversary this year!

Check out ALL THE COVERS via Newsarama. Watch out for the Darwyn Cooke wave of DC Comics New 52 covers this December!

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