Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gotham: Pilot premieres and the "After Show" begins

Finally premiering on FOX and telling the tale of a city plagued with crime and corruption years before the emergence of The Dark Knight vigilante and hero known as Batman, Gotham is a brand new take on the origins of Detective James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, a young Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, and many others who will undoubtedly meet and cross paths with one another as the first season runs its course.

The Pilot aired this past Monday, and it's a strong start to what will certainly be an interesting crime-drama series that will plant the seeds for the rise of gang wars and the future supervillain community... As well as the beginnings of Gordon's dedication to clean up the streets and Bruce's eventual rise to conquer fear and become something... Legendary.

Following the premiere of the pilot, theStream.tv has posted up their first episode that reviews and explores each Gotham episode after it premieres, which is aptly titled the "Gotham After Show".

Gotham After Show Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Catch Gotham every Mondays from FOX and on its scheduled dates from related networks.

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