Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5 "Hunt Or Be Hunted" poster released

With more than a month to go until it returns and picks up where things left off, AMC has released a brand new poster promoting their fifth season of their popular zombie drama TV Series, The Walking Dead.

The new one sheet, featured on AMC's official website for the show and on Coming, once again features series' protagonist and hero Rick Grimes in the center (as played by Andrew Lincoln), holding his signature Colt Python handgun and preparing for the worst to survive and stay alive in the harsh world forever changed by the zombie apocalypse.

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5

While Season 4 ended in quite the cliffhanger moment, the showrunners and creators of the show based on the popular comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman say that things will get interesting and intense once everything resumes come October. Fans have been desperately clinging on to theories and staying on track of updates which includes this new poster, and the official Facebook page of the series has updated their cover photo to reflect that, as seen below.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 5, which starts on October 12.

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