Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tekken 7: Katsuhiro Harada unveils poster, details, and first location testing event on October 3-5 in Japan

The King of Iron Fist Tournament celebrates 20 years of existence in the video game world... And Tekken franchise director Katsuhiro Harada is ready to unveil to the world the first look of the latest installment in the series in action, as he and Bandai Namco Games announce that Tekken 7 will begin location tests for the game in Tokyo and Osaka from October 3-5!

As reported and detailed by Famitsu, the event will also feature special Bana Passport gift cards for the first 100 players to sign up and answer questionnaires given, as well well as special stickers that those who attend the location tests will receive. Event Hubs also reports that the game will make use of Online Matchmaking, which is a first in the series as well.

Tekken 7 - Full-Length SDCC 2014 Trailer

Announced a month ago and as the 7th canonical installment in the series, Tekken 7 will serve, according to Harada, as the conclusion to the long running Mishima Bloodline saga that involves series mainstays Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin Kazama. The story will also answer what happened to Kazuya's mother Kazumi Mishima, and why Heihachi had to kill her and what the mystery surrounding the Devil Gene is all about.

No release date has been given for Tekken 7, but it uses the Unreal Engine 4 will come out for arcades first before hitting consoles.

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