Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy 62nd Birthday, Christopher "Superman" Reeve!

He truly is a legend and an icon that will always be remembered and never forgotten... And the guy who made us believe a man can fly celebrates his 62nd Birthday this day.

Starring in the 1978 Richard Donner directed Superman: The Movie, Christopher Reeve was the man who brought to life Kal-El/ Clark Kent, the last son of Krypton who would be rocketed to Earth and become known as the Man of Steel and superhero Superman. Reeve's iconic presence and natural charisma would give his portrayal of Supes so much resonance and identity that it will forever be remembered as a classic visage and representation of one of DC Comics' iconic heroes... And we honor his memory by remembering him for being SUPER... Forever and always.

Christopher Reeve Superman Tribute

Happy Birthday Christopher Reeve... And Thank You, Superman!

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