Thursday, November 11, 2010

Death Of Spider-Man?!

First, he loses his uncle...

Then, he loses his marriage...

Now, he's going to die?!

I don't know what Marvel is planning for our friendly neighborhood webslinger, but after the events of Civil War, Brand New Day, and the upcoming Big Time, it seems like Peter Parker's alter ego, the Amazing Spider-Man, will face death itself. Revealed in comic blogsite Newsarama, Marvel Comics' upcoming December issue of Previews reveals a somber image in the form of "The Death of Spider-Man", which only suggests that the webslinger's going to meet his doom. However, with a title like this, I'm not even getting anxious or excited. They've already killed and resurrected so many comic book characters before (see Superman and Cap), it's become routine, and a vicious cycle of superheroes playing "russian roulette" and buying the big one to get fans talking. Regardless, I'll keep tabs on this story as it develops. Newsarama's got the scoop on this, so check out the source article for more info and updates.

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