Monday, November 29, 2010

R.I.P Leslie Nielsen.:(

I was very shocked to learn of this news via a friend and Yahoo news, and after just seeing the Naked Gun movies show this month in HBO, I can't help but feel a sense of irony and overwhelming sadness over the passing of one of the funniest actors from my childhood.

Leslie Nielsen, the Canadian comedian best known for his role as Lt. Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun movies, passed away on November 28 at the age of 84 over complications of pneumonia. He's a guy who literally delivered hilarious performances with his signature blend of humor, usually depicted in films that saw the characters he played getting themselves into embarrassing situations, whether it be unintentionally or due to stupidity. It's that brand of wacky comedy that endeared me to Leslie's performances, and movies like the Naked Gun series, Spy Hard, Airplane!, and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Heck, he even took on the role of the near-sighted eccentric character Mr. Magoo in the live action film adaptation. Recently, he starred in some Scary Movie sequels and A Superhero Movie, and he was even supposed to do another Naked Gun. Unfortunately, we'll never know how that turned out. Even so, as a tribute and to remember the guy, I found this video over at You Tube that looks at the funny and peak moments of some of his best comedic roles. Check it out.

Rest In Peace and thanks for the laughs Leslie, you will be surely missed.

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