Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isaiah Mustafa pitches himself as Luke Cage to Marvel

With all the superhero movies coming out, it would be a surprise if Marvel decided to use secondary string characters that fans wouldn't even imagine seeing secure their own movie. Luke Cage is such a character, and given his renewed popularity based on his current position as a member and leader of the New Avengers, getting his own solo flick would be mighty awesome for people who dig the man with unbreakable skin. As such, Isaiah "Old Spice" Mustafa is taking the initiative to campaign to the House of Ideas that he can play the former "Power Man" in his own film, going as far as to create a "teaser trailer" that was posted over at You Tube and even featured in Slash Film! Best check this out, Cage fans!

Isaiah Mustafa "Luke Cage teaser trailer"!

The question now is... Does he fit the part? You decide for yourselves, and let's see how Marvel reacts to this presentation. For more on the story, visit Slash Film!

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