Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newsarama sits down with David Finch to talk about Batman: The Dak Knight delays!

Being the Batman fan that I am, I collect merchandise related to the Dark Knight with fiery passion. As such, I haven't missed a beat with the comics' scene, and with Batman Inc. going full steam ahead, there's a lot of new stories and books detailing the new adventures of Bruce Wayne's alter ego and his friends as they take the war against crime to a new level. One of the new books is by artist and now writer David Finch, who takes on his own solo Bat-title calle "Batman: The Dark Knight". It's an in-continuity series that focuses more on Bruce's solo exploits rather than his race around the globe to recruit Bat Men in "Batman Inc." or his protege and ward Dick Grayson's ongoing tenure as the second Batman in titles "Batman", "Detective Comics", and "Batman and Robin".

In terms of art, The Dark Knight is visually astounding to see. Story wise, it's Finch's first major break as a writer, and all things considered, is writing is not so bad either. However, because of the double duty he has to pull, the book has seen major delays. Issue #1 was released way back in December 2010, and #2 followed months later on March 2011. Now, issue #3 is solicited for a June release, and the other books promised to follow shortly thereafter. What exactly happened is certainly good cause for discussion, and that's what comic news site Newsarama did when they got to sit down and interview David Finch himself to get answers straight from the writer himself. You can read the whole interview via their post at this link here! It's entertaining and insightful, and something no Bat-fan collecting his book should miss!

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