Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bloodsport is getting a remake...

Looks like we'll be seeing a remake of a classic martial arts film... kinda.

According to a report from Screen Daily that was also posterd over at Slash Film, Philip Noyce of Salt fame is planning to remake the tournament fighter movie Bloodsport, which starred a then up and coming Jean-Claude Van Damme. However, instead of making it a direct remake, the plan is to have the movie follow the plot of "an American who goes to Brazil to recover from his experiences in Afghanistan, only to find himself competing in a martial arts tournament instead".

Bloodsport 1988 Trailer

This practically follows the same basic premise of "one man vs many fighters in a tournament" as the original Blooodsport, but it's drastically different in terms of plot. The original 1988 movie had Van Damme play true life American martial artist Frank W. Dux, who goes AWOL from the army to fight in an illegal underground tournament known as the "Kumite" in order to honor his Japanese master. It might be too early to tell, but I'm not feeling enthusiastic about the remake news at all. Heck, it has no star attached to it yet, and who can match the caliber of fighting/ presentation that JCVD and Bolo Yeung presented in the original? For more on the story, visit the source posts at Screen Daily and Slash Film.

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