Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The Fourth Be With You...

"On May 4th All Will Be Revealed..." - Star

Those words echoed across the interwebz, and a lot of people were expecting big and pleasant news to come on May 4th, or what is now officially known worldwide as "Star Wars Day". Well, the countdown timer finally expired and now all is revealed... Which may excite or disappoint fans looking forward to something big happening to commemorate the special day of those who believe in the Epic Space Saga created by one George Lucas.

Yep, The Star Wars Saga is finally making its way to Blu-Ray this September. Whether you're happy about the news or not, one thing remains clear and certain - everyone is celebrating Star Wars day with a passion. Greetings to all you Jedi and Wookies out there, and May The Force Be WIth You... Always!

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