Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 Update: The Playstation Vita Revealed

With the Sony E3 Press Conference wrapped up and lots of announcements made (including a 3D TV and more games to look forward to), the once named PSP2/ NGP has finally been given an official name - The Playstation Vita! Sure, it may take some time getting used to the new name that sounds like a mineral water product or a past Microsoft product, but it's even stellar to know that this baby packs a punch in graphics and has touch screen capabilities! What's more, it'll cost $300 dollars for the 3G unit, and $250 for the wifi only unit upon release! More details can be read on Kotaku, but you can expect Vita, which means "life", to hit the global market come fall this year. Check out the official E3 trailer below, courtesy of Sony!

Playstation Vita E3 Trailer

I'm excited for Sony's newest portable gaming device. SF X Tekken is making it's way to this system!

UPDATE: You can check out pics of the PSVita via Kotaku here!

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