Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 Update: Nintendo reveals their new console: The Wii U

The Nintendo E3 Press Conference just wrapped up, and in the mess of updates comes our first glimpse at their newest gaming system: The Wii U. Formerly known under the alias of "Project Cafe", this new entry into the long history of the company's list of consoles will add new features in the form of better graphics and touch screen capabilities. While it certainly speaks volumes about what gamers can expect from Nintendo's next system in the near future, it's new "controller" is a different matter in itself.

Here it is. The new Wii U controller with a touch screen on it. I kinda miss the simplicity of the Wiimote though. Pics and short info are via the keynotes from Kotaku. There's more info to come, so check out the site every now and then.

UPDATE: IGN has posted a Graphics Demo Video of the Wii U. Check it out and see what the new system can offer visually.

SILLY UPDATE: Kotaku featured this... AND IT MAKES SENSE!XD LOL!

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