Saturday, June 11, 2011

DC Reboot Changes: The Superman Titles...

Alright, I know there's a line divided between people's opinions about DC Comics' imminent reboot come September, and everyone's entitled to their own opinions. However, since I'm a bonafide "Post-Crisis" reader and one who grew up appreciating certain characters retaining classic looks and costumes, I wasn't expecting EVERY HERO to get a mandatory update in their fashion wear. Case in point, Superman himself and his circle undergoes the reboot and revision treatment, and while I'm thankful he still has the overall red, yellow, and blue and basic S Shield, I am not pleased with the "90's Renaissance" styled makeover. Again, this is just me voicing my own concerns, and regardless of what I think, these changes will happen. Let's take a look at the Superman titles revealed as posted in DC The Source and Newsarama.

Action Comics #1 presents us with a very SIMPLE LOOK of the Superman costume. It's basically a S T-Shirt with a short cape, and he's wearing Farmer's pants and clothes. I guess this symbolizes his "very first outing" as Superman in the title, reintroducing us to his origin where he doesn't have a complete costume to go and kick ass with. Thankfully, the writing duties will be handled by the legendary Grant Morrison (Batman, All-Star Superman), and illustrated by Rag Morales. This one is ok in my book so far, but I can't say the same for the other big Supes book.

Superman #1, written by the legend George Perez and illustrated by Jesus Merino, is one book I'm trying to find some a shred of optimism in. First off, the new costume bothers me, and as a friend of mine best described it, it feels like "overaccessorizing" the Man of Steel too much. The lines and futuristic weren't necessary, and it looks like a concept straight from "Reign of the Supermen". Possibly they did this to emphasize his Kryptonian roots, but it makes me miss the classic look all the more. The solicit also states a new "status quo" that will affect Superman's circle. Supposedly it may refer to him being single again, but that's expected already.

I don't know what to make of Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl. I've long appreciated, admired, and loved the look created and illustrated by the late great Michael Turner, and this change is hard to appreciate. However, a lot of people seem to take to it, save for the holes in the knee pad area. Given that Power Girl is nowhere to be found as of the moment, I surmise that Kara and Karen have merged to form the rebooted Supergirl. I may be wrong, but her smile echoes PG a lot. Supergirl #1 will be written by the duo of Michael Green and Mike Johnson, with art duties falling to Mahmud Asrar.

Ah Superboy, I hardly knew ye. So many changes to the look of Conner Kent over the years, and just when I already settle down with the modern "Black TBold-Shirt and jeans" look, here comes the reboot and, as a dear friend put it, a very "Ghost in the Shell" design. I dunno if I can adjust to these changes, but maybe some will be more open to this than I am. Superboy #1 will be written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean.

Well, there you have it with the Superman titles. I'm getting more discouraged by what I see, but I'm trying my darn best to be optimistic about these changes. The company's co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee have ushered in a new age which will certainly alienate fans of the classic looks and origins, but it will definitely entice new readers into the new DC Universe. I can only wish the best at this point. For more, visit the source posts at DC The Source and Newsarama.

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