Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Lantern Update: Create your own Green Lantern!

While visiting the official Green Lantern website, I stumbled upon this "Green Lantern Creator" link that allows you to make your very own GL Corps member! Customization however is severely limited, and you can only mix and match body parts of established alien Green Lanterns (sorry fans, no Hal Jordan/ Human type for you to exploit with). Still, the prospect of making your own GL is kinda fun, and after you finish the deed, you can download your creation on Facebook or as a desktop wallpaper! Check out what I did!

Yeah, it's Stel's head attached with the body of a regular GL, and the name's an obvious reference to a certain Autobot leader, but I liked how it also references my name somewhat. Anyhoo, it's also fun to tinker around with this just as Green Lantern week heats up, so visit the official GL website to check this out and some more goodies!

Green Lantern lights up theaters everywhere this June 16!

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