Monday, June 6, 2011

Rumor: The NGP official name is PSVITA?

E3 is underway, and even before Sony gets on with their Press Conference for the show, a lot of rumors are flying in the interwebz already. One such rumor is the official name for their Next Generation Portable system (The NGP, or formerly known as the PSP2). According to a post from Kotaku and via NeoGaf, Sony has trademarked the name "PSVITA" with the Trademarks and Designs Registation Office of the Europen Union as of June 6. It has yet to be unveiled, but the logo image has spilled online and you can see it above, making it most likely that this is THE new name for Sony's new portable gaming system. More updates will come of course when the Sony E3 Press Con comes, so for more on this rumor story, visit Kotaku and NeoGaf.

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