Monday, June 6, 2011

DC Comics reveals Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1!

The recent news of DC Comics rebooting their entire continuity was both a shocker and disappointment to most comic book readers out there, including myself. The fact that FLASHPOINT's outcome will spell the end of certain storylines and established continuities leaves a bitter taste for the dedicated fanbase, and I find myself mourning the loss of certain books, including that of a certain Dark Knight.

However, I can't deny the fact that I am somewhat excited with the reboot of a certain character I've come to love and respect over the years... And that is none other than DC Comics' one and only dark detective, The Batman.

Yes folks, DC Comics has officially revealed the covers and details for their relaunch of Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1! As posted in DC's The Source Blog, the two original books solely dedicated to the Caped Crusader will join the reboot list, and reveals that Bruce Wayne will be THE ONE AND ONLY Batman once more (so long Batman Inc. It was fun while it lasted. *sad face*)

In the first Batman #1 since 1930, Scott Snyder will team up with new artist Greg Capullo, as they chronicle the adventures of the one and only Batman, Bruce Wayne!

In the new Detective Comics #1, Tony Daniel will pull off double duty once again, bringing Batman to life anew as he tracks down a serial killer known only as the Gotham Ripper!

Ok, I guess I'm looking forward to the reboot after all! As long as it's Batman, I'm all for it! For more info, visit the source post at DC The Source!

Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1 find their way to comic book shops and retailers this September!

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