Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue gets rated!

It's already known and confirmed that The Dark Knight Rises will be getting a prologue attached to IMAX Screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but Box Office Mojo has reported that the segment finally has an MPAA rating up, and it's going to be "PG-13" for "some violence. It's a forgone conclusion that the movie will be violent and full of action scenes, but what the prologue will showcase is still anyone's guess at this point. Regardless of the numerous set photos and videos making their way online, I have faith that director Christopher Nolan will still deliver a product that will still surprise us all. For more info on this story, visit the source posts at Coming Soon, Batman-News, and Box Office Mojo!

The 6 minute long prologue of The Dark Knight Rises premieres on IMAX screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on December 16. The actual Bat-flick sequel will be in theaters on July 20 next year!

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