Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: New info surfaces about Bane and 6 minute prologue

New information via Rama Screen, also posted in Comic Book Movie and Enewsi, has surfaced online that reveals more detailed information on the role of Bane (Tom Hardy) is and how the 6 minute prologue will play out for The Dark Knight Rises. This is reportedly insider information, and the person who wishes to remain anonymous has seen the prologue that's going to be attached with 70mm IMAX screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Until it's confirmed, take these bits of info as rumors for the meantime, but it sure is interesting to read about. Possible SPOILERS for those who wish to keep their minds, so if I were you, turn away from this post now.

As posted in Comic Book Movie and Enewsi, here they are:

Bane's role in The Dark Knight Rises:

"Nolan has significantly rewrote the story of Bane from the comics. He is raised by Ra’s al Ghul and his up bringing mirrors that of Bruce Wayne. It’s a mirror of Bruce, except it’s darker and twisted. Bane is trained to be an assassin for the League of Shadows. He kills political figures that are deemed unfit by the LOS. So he is a bit of a Che Guevara/ Jason Bourne type character. A revolutionary and an assassin. He comes to Gotham to start a revolution by revealing the cover up dealing with Harvey Dent and killing the Mayor, among other key political figures."

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue:

"It is one of the assassinations ordered by Ra’s al Ghul. A mind blowing action sequence set aboard the Hercules plane, involving some innovative camera work ala Inception hallway fight scene. Bane and his mercenaries hijack a military plane transporting a dictator of a country which is in unrest (think Saddam Hussein type figure). He successfully kills the leader, but makes some mistakes along the way and is unable to safely land the plane. Because of the resulting injuries from the accident, he has to undergo complicated surgeries and that is how he winds up with that scar down his neck and the need for the mask to numb the pain."

Take note, these details haven't been confirmed yet, but that is detailed information if I ever saw it, and it works along the overall plot that Christopher Nolan has built up since Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) dark reflection of what he could have become if he followed Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows will be Bane in TDKR, and how he breaks Batman completely in this movie will be interesting to see. For more info and details, visit the source posts at Enewsi, CBM, and Rama Screen!

The Dark Knight Rises premieres in theaters on July 20, 2012!

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