Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DC and Jim Lee present... The New 52 Darkseid!

He has been called many things. Evil. Vile. Badass. Now, in light of recent events in the DC Universe with DC Comics' "New 52"relaunch, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee via their Justice League series are about to reintroduce a classic villain whose name demands attention... Darkseid! DC The Source has the first look of the evil warlord from Apokolips as rendered by Lee himself, and he's looking more menacing than ever!

The legendary creation of the late and great Jack Kirby... remade! Design wise, he still has his basic shape and look, but it's a new set of armor design, and it appears to draw some influence from his "Final Crisis" appearance. I'm all in favor of this new look for the man who would be a fearsome foe to Superman and the Justice League, and one has to wonder what scheme he'll be plotting in the coming issues. For more info and details, check out the source post at DC The Source!

Catch Darkseid in action when Justice League #4 hits retailers and digital download on December 21st!

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