Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thousand Pounds makes Batman: Arkham City inspired martial arts video!

Since their take on making Ultra Combo inspired videos from Super Street Fighter IV, the Thousand Pounds Action Company has pretty much garnered the attention and praise of dozens of fighting game and martial arts buffs around the world. Their latest offering now packs quite the punch too, paying tribute to someone that almost everyone in the world can relate to because he's just that goddamn awesome... Batman.

Yes, Thousand Pounds pays tribute specifically to the latest Batman game, Batman: Arkham City, by presenting this nifty video where a young lady martial artist by the name of Mickey Facchinello shows that even a girl can rival the moves of The Dark Knight, blow for blow and speed to compliment the flashy moves! Anyone who's played Arkham City and have seen the way combat is initiated in the game will marvel at how brilliant this video is, and I kid you not!

Thousand Pounds Arkham City Inspired Test

Hell yes, she would make a awesome Batgirl/ Catwoman! Thanks to Kotaku for posting the story on wonderful piece! For more Thousand Pounds awesomeness, visit their Facebook page or official site!


Sefirosu200x said...

That's nothing like Batman's fighting style. Looks more like Catwoman. Blech. I'd like to see Batman's counters in slow motion because I'm making a text document with a list of them so I can use them for descriptive text in a Batman story I'm writing. Lots of description in the fights.

Athal Wolf said...


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