Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spoiler: Marvel reveals what happens in Fantastic Four #600

Fantastic Four #600 comes out this week, and major plot points for the book are now out in the open. It's not much of a Spoiler though, and it was bound to happen anyway. Still, SPOILER ALERT for those who avidly read and collect the book. You have been warned.

Via, Bleeding Cool, and pretty much everywhere else in the interwebz, the House of Ideas has officially confirmed that Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, is going to get resurrected just in time for this milestone issue. That means that Spider-Man's off the hook and Johnny can reassume his place with the team, but that doesn't let the Future Foundation off the hook, as they series will still be continuing side-by-side with the Fantastic Four. For more details on the story, you can read up the source post here via Google Plus and Associated Press.

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