Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DC The New 52: Justice League #1 gets 5th Printing!

Looks like the relaunch paid off after all!

Via their own blog The Source, DC Comics has announced that Justice League #1, penned by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee, has once again gone back to press, and will be now known as the first comic book in The New 52 line to receive five printings. With the fourth issue due just before the holidays in December, this marks a milestone event in relation to the publication's decision to relaunch their comic line, and their flagship team-up book featuring the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman has done immensely well. Each reprint has featured a different cover since release, and one has to wonder how the fifth printing will look like! For more information and details (as well as a sneak peek to the figital copy cover of issue #4), check out the source post at DC The Source!

The fifth printing of Justice League #1 will arrive in stores next year on January 4th! Be sure to reserve your copies if you haven't picked this one up yet!

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