Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teenagers dressed as superheroes stakeout sex predators!

This takes the meaning of cosplaying and being a superhero to a whole new level.

Via a story from i09, a couple of teenagers from Chillawack, B.C dressed as Batman and The Flash to nab a couple of men who were looking for sex with underaged girls, taping the meetings and posting them over at You Tube. Inspired by the TV Show "To Catch A Predator", the boys posed as underaged girls and chatted with the men online, leading them to a public area and then confronting them dressed as the DC superheroes Batman and The Flash. An example of such a confrontation is the embedded video below from the YouTube channel of these teenagers, "ToTrollAPredatorTV":

To Troll A Predator S1E03

Since the story became news, the boys have taken down their operation, but the buzz continues to make waves on the internet. For more information on this, visit the source post at i09.

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