Saturday, August 24, 2013

DC Comics reveals... The REAL New 52 Lobo?!

Fans of the DC Comics MAIN MAN may be shocked... OR pissed at what's become of their favorite "Bastich".

Over at DC Comics official website and posted at the "News for Fans" section, it looks like everybody's favorite bad boy alien bounty hunter is going through a MAJOR change come Villains Month and in the pages of Justice League 23.3: LOBO, we're going to be introduced to a new "New 52" look for the Main Man.

 In a tease in the article, we got a new look which was supposedly this...

Then it was revealed that was a "Fake", and NOW we have this...

WHAT?! A "Pretty LOBO"?! Yes, the dude's gone through a lot of weird transformations and changes... But now he's become this teen hunk looking bounty hunter?! What happened to the "Macho Man" look we all know and saw above!? Explanations are in order definitely... And I hope DC Comics delivers on them come the issue's release on September. For more on the story, visit the source post at DC

NEW 52 Lobo appears on Justice League 23.2: LOBO on September 11.

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