Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Tropic Thunder turns 5 years

Five years ago, who would have thunk that Ben Stiller would hit a gold mine and gather some of the most talented and zaniest bad-ass mofo actors to walk the face of the planet in one sensational hit comedy!?

Of course, I'm talking about none other than the 2008 laughtrip hit "Tropic Thunder", which stars and was directed by Stiller himself, with a cast that includes comedian Jack Black, newly inducted "Iron Man" at the time Robert Downey Jr., Matthew McConaughey, Nick Nolte, and a special unexpected cameo role by action star Tom Cruise himself! It was released on August 12th that year, and became certified gold thanks to awesome crack up jokes, undeniable schizophrenic like performances, and the kind of silliness and absurdity that'll make you turn over laughing like crazy.

Five years later, and I'm still bombed as heck by the trailer alone. Let's start the recap... And warning, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE and HILARITY will ensue.

Tropic Thunder - Trailer

So if that didn't clue you in, here's how the simple premise goes - Five "Primadonna" actors are sent into the heart of a Vietnam jungle in order to make a war movie based on a veteran's memoir book called "Tropic Thunder". When things get out of hand and the director cannot control his cast, he decides to shoot them "Guerilla Style"... And that's when unexpected things happen and insanity ensues anew.

Known for his hit roles in films like Zoolander and Meet The Fockers, Ben Stiller is a connoisseur when it comes to making great comedies, and this hands-down is one of the most memorable... Especially when he hired and made Robert Downey Jr. play an Australian method actor named Kirk Lazarus, who went through the extreme and ACTUALLY made himself up to play the role of a Black man soldier named "Lincoln Osiris". Downey LITERALLY makes the role one of the most recognizable attributes of Tropic Thunder, and this clip below demonstrates just what I mean when he literally "stole the show" with his performance... and that line.

Tropic Thunder - I'm a dude!

And if that weren't enough... This special feature documentary from the Tropic Thunder home video shows how dedicated RDJ was to making the role a memorable one... Even BEFORE he became widely popular as Tony Stark/ Iron Man.
Tropic Thunder - Srgt. Lincoln Osiris - P.P.S.D. (Robert Downey Jr.)

Yes... he went there... And full retard to boot (movie reference).XD

And then, we have Tom Cruise... Who plays the hot-headed Studio Executive, Les Grossman.

This scene speaks for itself already in introductions.

Tropic Thunder - Less Grossman Gets Angry

And that being said, along with the equally funny Jack Black and other cast members onboard, Tropic Thunder is already 5 years old and is still a classic comedy hit. Throwback yourselves and revisit this gem!

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