Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daredevil shall be Reborn?

When Shadowland ends and its aftermath begins, something big will happen to main protagonist/ antagonist Daredevil, which will call for the rise of a new "Man Without Fear" in the streets of Hell's Kitchen. Who that is and the circumstances involved with it has yet to be determined, but Marvel is rolling along with the teasers regardless, and their latest one comes from the recent FanExpo convention, with a cover to a new series simply called "Daredevil: Reborn", as seen in a post in Newsarama.

Nothing much revealing about this cover other than the suggestion that the old DD, Matt Murdock, has fallen, but I don't want to speculate anything just yet until we find out what happens at the end of Shadowland. Here's hoping there's a twist of sorts, and this doesn't go the way of Captain America: Reborn.

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