Monday, September 13, 2010

One amazing cover to Batman: The Dark Knight #2!

I have high hopes and expectations for the Bat-universe once Bruce Wayne comes back into the saddle and resumes his activities as The Dark Knight, but as noted in recent posts and comic book related websites, he won't be alone in his crusade anymore. Dick Grayson, his first ward and the original Robin, will still continue on as Batman, and while he watches over Gotham and his mentor's young son Damian, Mr. Wayne will be tackling his mission on a global scale, conducting his adventures within the pages of Batman Inc. and Batman: The Dark Knight. The latter title will be penned and illustrated by comic book talent David Finch, who's no stranger to drawing excellent superhero visuals thanks to his early works and exposure via Marvel's Avengers and Moon Knight titles. Now that he's exclusive to DC, Finch will be taking the challenge of writing and penciling a new Batman title, and for those wondering how it's gonna look, DC has released the cover to issue #2 of Batman: The Dark Knight via The Source. Get a load of great art here!

Well, looks like the Penguin's gonna strike at Bruce when he returns, in a new costume and all! This already looks interesting from the get-go, and I hope Finch's writing capabilities draw me into this new title, as it looks promising from the visuals alone!

Batman: The Dark Knight debuts this November!

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