Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ryan Reynolds goes Six Feet Under in "Buried"!

Actor Ryan Reynolds may be lacing his intergalactic boots to take up the role of Hal Jordan in next year's live action adaptation of Green Lantern, but first he has to contend with the fact that his latest movie sees him buried alive and six feet underground! As seen in Screen Rant, check out the trailer to his next upcoming film this month - "Buried"!

Buried International Trailer

Claustrophobia has never looked this scary.

How the heck can somebody survive an experience like that with nothing but a lighter, a cellphone, and a limited supply of oxygen? Well, Ryan Reynolds will show just how dire a situation like that can be, as his character, Paul Conroy, struggles to keep himself alive to find a way out of his tense predicament.

Buried will be released on theaters in the US September 24.

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