Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yakuza/ Ryu Ga Gotoku has Zombies?!

Once I popped online to check on the gaming news, I see this eye-opening post over at Kotaku:

It appears that newest game in Sega's action crime Ryu Ga Gotoku/ Yakuza series is adding zombies to the mix... yes, ZOMBIES! This must be why the latest entry is called "Yakuza: Of The End", since it has hordes of the undead roaming around the streets of a destroyed Kamurocho. As Kotaku states, this pic was confirmed and shown in the latest issue of Famitsu, and several other scans show the Japanese Self Defense Force trying to contain the situation as best they can. The plot sounds a lot like Resident Evil 2 and High School Of The Dead to me. But hey, even if it's far-fetched, if you have Kazuma Kiryu beating up zombies senseless and dating/ saving hot hostess girls at the same time, I'm in!

No release date has been given for the new Yakuza game yet in Japan. Expect more details to arise (pun intended) soon.

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