Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tokyo Game Show 2010: WESKER IS IN MvC3!

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! You can't keep a cool badass guy like him away from the return of the greatest crossover battle of the century!

Albert Wesker, the main antagonist of the Resident Evil/ Bio Hazard series, and former captain of S.T.A.R.S Alpha team, has been revealed as the latest addition to Capcom's fighting roster in Marvel Vs Capcom 3! I called that his appearance would be confirmed eventually, since Chris Redfield is MvC 3, and wherever Chris goes, Wesker is always sure to follow! Spider-Man is also confirmed, but he was bound to be there anywayz. Check out the new trailers as posted in Kotaku and Gamespot, or see it here via You Tube!

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Albert Wesker Gameplay Trailer

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