Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Balrog: Behind The Glory

A few days ago while watching the Evo Championship Series, I stumbled upon this little piece of fictional documentary being played whilst waiting for the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Grand Finals to begin.

Balrog: Behind The Glory

Premiering on July 31st during the 3rd day of Evo 2k11, Balrog: Behind The Glory takes a look at the rise and eventual fall into corruption of one of the Street Fighter Universe's most aggressive and talented fighters. He may not be able to kick, but his punches more than make up for his lack of sweeps, footsies, and  roundhouses. Take a look at what made the boxing champ and Shadoloo enforcer what he is today. Think of it as a live action "Punch Out" movie, only focusing on the career of a promising boxer turned bad guy muscle for hire.

Thanks goes to Kotaku and Chubby Boy Films' YouTube channel for posting this up.

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