Thursday, August 18, 2011

DC promotes The New 52 with a relaunch commercial!

With literally just 2 weeks to go until the inevitable relaunch of their universe under the "New 52" banner, DC Comics has taken the initiative to promote their upcoming reboot in all forms of media, including this new commercial that originally appeared as a 30 second TV Spot in Hero Complex. Now, the extended 2 minute version has appeared and hit itself up on YouTube. Check it out below and see what will become of legendary heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the JLA in the new reimagined universe.

DC The New 52 Extended Commericial
Like what you see or are you among those still skeptical about the reboot? For more on this story, visit the source post at Hero Complex.

DC The New 52 launches with the all-new Justice League #1 on August 31, with the other books following afterwards starting September!

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