Friday, August 26, 2011

Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown in... an Argentinian viral video?!

GREAT SCOTT! I actually thought this was bogus, but as reported in Slash Film, it's true and it's very real!

Yes, you saw that! Legendary actor Christopher Lloyd participated in an Argentina advertisement and reprised his role as eccentric genius Dr. Emmet Brown from the"Back to the Future"movies! It's a strange advertisement that still has people buzzing as to the true nature of the ad, but the Doc rides and crashes his legendary DeLorean time machine into a Gambarino electronics superstore, so it could probably be a promotion for the shop as well. Look at the viral video below and judge for yourselves!

Back To The Future Argentina Commercial?!

Can you believe that?! The Doc rides the Time Machine again, complete with style and effects! This could be a small time thing, but it certainly evokes a lot of nostalgia and pleasant BTTF geekgasm right there! Also, check out this unofficial behind the scenes clip also posted up in You Tube!

Unofficial "Making of" BTTF Argentina Commercial

That was pretty impressive! For more details, visit the source post at Slash Film!

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