Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Batgirl of DC the new 52: The Killing Joke happened!

One of my biggest reservations about this whole DC Reboot was the inevitable changes being made to many of its prominent characters, among them being the once paraplegic Barbara Gordon, who has once again been given the ability to walk and resume her original crimefighting role as Batgirl. While I am no doubt happy that Babs will be back wearing the cape and cowl once more, it left me a tad disappointed that the position that empowered her character ever further over the years would be left behind and possibly forgotten, and I'm referring to the role of Oracle, the freelance information broker and hacker of the superhero community. I feared that Alan Moore's contribution to the Batman legacy in paralyzing Barbara Gordon would be wiped off with a clean slate in the DCnU... But fortunately, my doubts were proven to be unfounded! History is retained in the semi-reboot, and as featured in this 6-page preview posted in the New York Post and Bleeding Cool, Babs history in "Batman: The Killing Joke" will be reflected back in the all-new Batgirl #1!

As you can see, the deed has been done, but Babs mobility with her legs has been restored! How that became possible isn't explained in this preview, but I'm sure we'll be getting the answer soon enough once the issue comes out this September! For more preview pages and info on the story, visit Bleeding Cool and the New York Post!

Batgirl #1, written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Ardian Syaf and Vincente Cifuentes, arrives on September 7 as part of the new 52!

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