Friday, August 12, 2011

Marvel Teaser: Fantastic Four #600 cover!

Marvel has finally given confirmation that Fantastic Four #600 is indeed happening by unveiling the cover to said issue, as illustrated by artist John Romita Jr.! That pretty much confirms that "Future Foundation" ends and FF reverts back to its original format... But Spider-Man is still present and in the cover! However, what is not definite is whether the Human Torch is indeed returning from the dead... But there's a sure fire chance that he is. This is the fourth tease we've gotten in the past few days, and apparently there's one more coming up as hinted by the original file name sent in for this teaser ""Four_Teaser4of5"! Look for more on the story by visiting the source post at and Newsarama!

"FOUR" comes on November 2011!

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