Monday, August 1, 2011

Evo 2k11 has new champions!

For the life of me, I haven't been this much hyped about an e-gaming tournament for the longest time. Every single year I tune in to the streams and see the Evo Championship Series roll in, it makes my heart skip and tense at the prospect that literally ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN at any given moment, and it just did!

With the results in, Evo 2011 has finally concluded and is in the books. I wasn't able to catch everything due to obvious time differences and schedules, but I pretty much caught the most important and latter segments of the championships, which were the Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament finals!

It simply went down like this in the finals of MvC 3:

Evo 2k11 MvC3 Finals

That was wicked! I then took in to seeing the entire Grand Finals matches of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition next, and the brawls were so extreme and breathtaking that no words could describe my excitement and anticipation at who would end up being the top dog in the end!

The biggest surprise was Daigo "The Beast" Umehara being bested and taken down by two unlikely contenders... Poongko and Latif! Poongko held his ground with his "Seth" against Daigo's new baby character "Yun", whom he switched his former main "Ryu" with when AE implemented the changes. Here's what went down between Poongko and Daigo:

Evo 2k11 Poongko vs Daigo

Unbelievable. Just UNBELIEVEABLE. The Beast was bested there and sent to the loser's bracket. He then won a match and proceeded to fight Saudi Arabia's Latif, who used "C.Viper", and that match was just as intense:

Evo 2k11 Latif vs Daigo

And just like that, Daigo was eliminated from the top 3 for the first time! When it came down to the finals, it was a rematch between Latif's Viper and Fuudo's "Fei Long", the championship match!

Evo 2k11 Finals: Latif vs Fuudo

And just like that... We have new Evo Grand Champions - Viscant in MvC3 and Fuudo for SSFIVAE! You can check out more stories on those respective championships via Kotaku's MvC3 Evo2k11 post and SSFIVAE Evo 2k11 post! Also, check out more stories and see who won and made the championships in the other games via!

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