Thursday, September 22, 2011

College Humor spoofs The Dark Knight again with "Batman Interrogation"

I enjoy College Humor videos. They portray the comedy well and know how to satire the most fundamentally known genres in the popculture spectrum, and Batman is no exception to the rule either.
They had their first whack at The Dark Knight's world by spoofing the rooftop disappearing act Bat's is known for in "Batman: Vanishing", and now they take things a step further by interpreting the infamous "Interrogation Scene" from "The Dark Knight"... Only this time it goes horribly wrong and awkward with a case of mistaken identity, where the Caped Crusader picks on a regular clown, lol!

College Humor: Batman Interrogation

I just love how they got the actors from Vanishing back, and the guy playing Batman hits the "Bale Bat voice" spot on.XD For more, visit College Humor's official site, and for extras, here's their "Batman Vanishing" Spoof for your "Harvey Dent" laughs!

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