Monday, September 5, 2011

DC The New 52: Batman #1 gets a new cover

From a scoop posted at Bleeding Cool, it looks as if some last minute printing changes have graced one of the upcoming new books from "The New 52" relaunch initiative of DC Comics, and it happens to one of their main titles - Batman #1. Handled by the creative team of writer Scott Snyder (Detective Comics) and Greg Capullo, the new 1st issue of the 2nd Volume of Batman now has this cover for its regular printing, scheduled for a September 21 release, has this new cover:

Originally, this was the intended cover attached to the issue (one that I still prefer in my personal opinion):

Yes, the cover was tweaked to add more villains rushing in at The Dark Knight, but it just doesn't convey the same "Epic message" of power and prominence a first issue should have like the latter cover right here. For more information, visit the source post at Bleeding Cool and solicitations at DC

Batman #1 will be released at a comic shop near you this September 21st!

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