Saturday, September 17, 2011

DC The New 52 Teasers: Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws

With all that's been happening in the new DC Universe and how people have been reacting to first half of  "The New 52", it's pretty safe to say that DC Comics has had a successful reboot so far in terms of numbers and attracting a new audience into the comic book world. However, the lines are divided and mixed when it comes to the issue of continuity, and while majority of the books are rebooting most of their history, some are thankfully intact. Case in point, the Green Lantern and Batman universes have carried over their histories, and while the latter series has Barbara Gordon back in the cape and cowl as Batgirl, her time being paralyzed as a result of the Joker's attack in Batman: The Killing Joke and becoming Oracle still happened despite getting her mobility back in the DCnU.

With that said, we come over to the two other books that faithful Batreaders are surely going to keep their eye on: Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outsiders. For one thing, I have mixed feelings in regards to Dick Grayson returning to the role he's best known for. I enjoyed his stint as Batman, and while I'm not particularly sad about him downgrading back to Nightwing, I can't say I'm too inclined with the new costume design. I miss the simple blue and black jumpsuit he sported prior to inheriting the mantle of the Bat, and this one just screams "forcing a mixture of the old and the new". Take a look at the spread provided by DC's blog The Source, as well as the teaser line below.

"Just when I've set up a new life, my old one comes back. Well played, Gotham." - Dick Grayson/ Nightwing

Can't say I blame Dick for saying that. Nightwing #1 hits shelves next week.

The only reason I'm here is 'cause is if anything happens to you-that would make me the worst former sidekick ever." - Jason Todd/ The Red Hood"

Ah Jason Todd, aka Robin II and now The Red Hood. He died at the hands of the Joker in the 80's, and then was miraculously resurrected thanks to Superboy Prime's "Magic Punch" that sent ripples in time and caused changes in the old DCU's history. Well, he's still alive and kicking in the DCnU, and he's going to team up with a young Roy Harper/ Red Arrow and Starfire to form "Red Hood and the Outlaws". I'm not sure if I'm going to follow this book, but I can't argue about the team dynamic getting me curious either. Watch out for this one next week as well.

For more info, visit the source link at DC The Source!

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