Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DC The New 52: Last few teasers for the last New 52 #1 books!

The books should be out in shops by now, but in case you didn't get 'em yet, DC Comics has provided some more teasers for the hungry fans to salivate on.

"You could do so much good! WE could do so much good!" - Lois Lane

The picture and words speak for themselves. Lois Lane gives her thoughts on Superman, and the potential his heroic presence could bring to mankind. The all-new Superman #1 debuts this week, and the real adventures of Clark Kent's alter ego begins here.

"I thought I’d left that world behind me. That maybe I could do more good working from the shadows. Apparently, I was wrong. I’m going to need help.” – Red Robin

Tim Drake, aka the third Robin and now Red Robin, jumps into the team spotlight once more and rejoins his compatriots in the new Teen Titans #1. I don't know what I can say about the costume designs for the New 52 version of the group, but here's hoping the story keeps fans happy anyway.

“If you’re not moving, you’re not living.” – Barry Allen

Barry Allen speeds up to a fresh new start in the all new The Flash #1. I'm a Wally West fan by heart, but I hope this reinvigorates and brings the Flash legacy to a whole new direction that fans will appreciate in the long run.

All these books are out now this week, so grab your copies while you can! For more info, check out the source post at DC's official blog The Source!

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