Sunday, September 4, 2011

DC The New 52: Justice League #1 1st and 2nd Printings sell out, 3rd Printing ordered!

As soon as it was released in comic book shops around the world on August 31st, the 1st issue of DC Comics' newly relaunched Justice League series sold out quicker than hotcakes, showing just how big the DC relaunch is and how much buzz is circulating in the interwebz because of it! I reviewed the issue just a couple of days ago, and as a result of this sellout, DC has sent the issue back to press and ordered a 2nd Printing, which sports a new cover designed by the series' artist and co-publisher of DC himself, Jim Lee!

Alas, this issue also sold out and went the way of the dodo a few days after orders were placed! If you thought that put an end to demand for Justice League #1, think again, as the publisher has ONCE AGAIN commissioned another printing to be made... with another new cover  to sport from Lee, taken from this year's San Diego Comic Con Brochure.  Website Bleeding Cool has featured a Photoshop "mock up" of how the cover will "presumably" look like.

With the DC Relaunch in full swing, Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee leads the charge, as The New 52 kicks into high gear this September!

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